Clear Braces Leander

Invisalign braces in Leander

Clear braces Leander

Clear braces Leander

Invisalign braces have, among others, the advantage of being virtually undetectable to the eye. Made from clear plastic, its aligners ensure that only those whom you tell will know that you’re having orthodontic treatment. Here at Tucker Family Dentistry, we want to let you know about all of the features and benefits of this fantastic alternative to metal braces.

The most common drawbacks that people discuss about traditional metal braces, aside from the cosmetic aspect, is that they can be responsible for irritation and soreness due to friction; and also that you have to give up certain kinds of foods during your treatment. Sticky, chewy, and crunchy foods are off limits, due to the chances of them getting caught in the braces or in the case of crunchy items, causing damage to their structure. Our clear braces Leander, though, are removable. One of the few times you take them out is to eat. As a result of this, you can have anything you want without any restrictions. And when it comes to comfort, you’ll find that plastic is far superior to metal. There are two other occasions when your aligners should be taken out. One is for brushing and flossing. The other is every two weeks when you discard your current set in favor of the next ones in the series. Each set of our clear braces Leander is serving a specific role in the overall process of repositioning your teeth. And because of that, you don’t have to make continued visits to our office to get adjustments. There are no adjustments required. You simply come in for a checkup every six weeks during your orthodontic care.

Set up a convenient time for an exam and consultation to decide if you want to move forward with our clear braces Leander. Contact our office today.

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