Leander Root Canal

Root Canal Therapy in Leander

Leander Root Canal

Leander Root Canal

If the very mention of root canal therapy is frightening, you’re not alone. It is unfortunate that this essential and beneficial procedure has such a bad reputation. The reality is that with the equipment and methods that we use here at Tucker Family Dentistry, you can look forward to a smooth and comfortable process. Most patients report that our Leander root canal leads to very little or even no pain at all.

Why is this procedure necessary? Ordinarily, your tooth has a defense against bacteria getting inside it. Your enamel and dentin are protective layers. However, the effects of dental plaque (and its hardened form, tartar) erode those layers. At first, they only form small holes (cavities). When caught in a timely manner, our family dentist will treat it with a filling and it won’t grow any larger. But if a cavity is not addressed promptly, it eventually creates a path for bacteria to get inside. This can also occur if a filling is deep enough, such as when you have a very large cavity; or a chipped or cracked tooth. Once bacteria is inside, an infection ensues. You will likely feel pain, and it can be quite severe. That’s when you need our Leander root canal. If you don’t, the tooth may sustain so much damage that it will have to removed. It is always preferable to save it whenever possible. Depending on how many canals the tooth in question has, you may need just one session or more than one. But it’s a safe and generally successful method, usually around 90% of them take. A crown, for which you will be measured for after our Leander root canal is complete, restores the tooth to its full size, and it will then be as strong and durable as any other tooth.

Contact our office right away when you are suffering with tooth pain. If root canal is necessary, you could not be in better hands.

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