Baby Teeth

Many times we are asked how to care for baby teeth. Hopefully with these tips you can start your baby’s oral health early! Baby teeth will typically first start to be noticeable in the mouth at ages 6 – 12 months. Once the baby teeth first appear it is important to make sure you keep their teeth clean and is a good time for their first dental appointment.

You can begin wiping the mouth with a soft cloth or brush with a soft bristled toothbrush twice a day. You can also use a very small amount of toothpaste – a smear. It is great for a parent or caregiver to become familiar with the look of the teeth. If you notice any white, brown, or black spots that might be a sign that there is tooth decay. Hopefully with cleaning twice a day you won’t see any of those spots!

Also, it is important to avoid sharing bottles, cups, utensils, pacifiers, toys, or anything else that might end up in your baby’s mouth. At birth, humans will not have any bacteria in their mouth, however as they develop bacteria will cultivate the GI system. So, if you have any cavity-forming bacteria so will your child if you share them. It is best to make sure that parents maintain good oral hygiene to decrease the number of shared bacteria. Of course not all bacteria are harmful, but there are specific bacteria that particularly like to make cavities or cause gum disease.

Cavities are preventable and we hope that we can help you and your baby achieve a cavity-free life!